Our Mission

The Trinidad and Tobago Society of Planners is a professional association committed to promoting spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning principles as an essential means of efficiently allocating public and private resources and sustaining vital communities.
As a learned society, the TTSP strives to be the premier think tank for developing holistic solutions to the complex urban and settlements problems our country faces today and pledges to continuously innovate so as to ensure its members are equipped with the best tools and support necessary to address the emerging developmental issues that our nation will face in the future.

The TTSP has a mandate from its membership to:

  • to advance the study of spatial planning, civic design and related subjects, and of the arts and sciences as applied to those subjects;
  • to promote planned, economic, sustainable, aesthetic and culturally relevant development of towns, cities and rural areas;
  • champion and lead progress and change in planning practice;
  • address issues of importance to the planning profession and/or the public interest;
  • act as the authoritative voice and the primary information and knowledge sharing network for planners;
  • afford opportunities for continued professional development of its membership; and
  • deliver relevant and contemporary benefits and services to its members.