Disasters- Are we prepared?


As a Small Island Developing State (SIDS), Trinidad and Tobago has distinct physical and demographic characteristics that contribute to its vulnerability to natural disasters. Of particular concern is the high concentration of population, infrastructure and industry within the coastal zone.  In terms, of disaster preparedness, the key area of vulnerability in the coastal zone is flooding as a result of severe storm surges and prolonged rainfall. Added to this are threats of flooding in areas of increasing development and inadequate storm water management systems. The potential threat of earthquakes, industrial accidents and even biological hazards while less likely should also be considered and planned for.

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World Town Planning Day


In celebration of World Town Planning Day on November 8, the Trinidad and Tobago Society of Planners would like to highlight the spaces and places our citizens love.

Help us showcase examples of our country’s favourite spaces and places by taking the 2 minute survey below and sharing it with your colleagues, friends and family.


Thank you in advance and look out for our posts on social media starting October 9 #TTSP #WTPD

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October’s Business Meeting

We were pleased that the Deputy CEO of ODPM, Col. Dave Williams, and his Mitigation Manager, Ms. Shelly Bradshaw agreed to present on the integration of Disaster Risk Reduction and Land Use Planning at our October’s Business Meeting. Please follow the link to the beginning portion of this presentation.