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Caribbean Urban Forum 2018, Martinique – Forming the Informal

This year’s theme is Forming the Informal. This theme aims to confront the ostensibly oppositional notions of the formal and informal and how we respond to the urban condition in the Caribbean. Historically, the consideration of the city has been predicated on the idea of a formal spatial structure evolving from and responsive to notions of order and regulation. However, one of the most evident common characteristics of all Caribbean cities is the prevalence of informality whether, spatial, social, economic etc. Under this theme, a range of sub-themes can be addressed in relation to issues of heritage, history, housing, infrastructure, policy etc with view to informing a contemporary understanding of the Caribbean urban condition.

Please see CUF8-Call for Abstracts

We are still in the early planning stage for the Conference but if you have questions please contact:

Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management

Phone (868) 662-2002 ext 83398